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Here at Charmed Events UK we recognise that your event, be it a wedding, an anniversary party, a birthday, or any occasion worth your celebration, will be the single most important focus for you. A wedding, as an example, is simply one of the most important days in a couples' life.

We can help you with every aspect of that day or event, no matter how intimate or spectacular you want it to be. We offer a full range of services that can incorporate complete management, to simple coordination on the day. Whether your concerns relate to budget matters, event design, styling ideas, or just overall general assistance.

So please allow us to make your day one you can actually remember - the most special day it absolutely deserves to be.

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With years of experience as a Team Leader, she heads up our team of room coordinators affectionately known as the "Charmettes", and will help to supervise and oversee the smooth progress of your wonderful day, no matter the weather.



Our Senior Manager, and the ideal person responsible for client liason in the planning, execution, and smooth running of your special day. She has an extensive knowledge of the industry and will move heaven and earth to ensure your day is one to remember for all the right reasons.



Our guy in the back office responsible for ensuring everything you have ordered is available and prepped ready for delivery to your venue in only the best condition. If you want it - he'll get it for you and make sure your special day is a sight to behold.




"I had such an amazing time! Everyone has commented on how well the day was coordinated and went to plan and all that is down to you."


"You helped us so much and made our day go so much smoother. We really appreciate it. Thank you..."


"...you helped me out big time when you found me at a very low point in organising our wonderful day and have helped us get back on a high. Can't thank you enough.."


"Just wanted to say a huge thanks for everyone's hard work towards my wedding day. It was magic from start to finish and you all did a wonderful job. Thank you so much......"

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